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claims procedure

Claims Procedure

How The Insurance Claims Procedure Works

On notification of a claim the Insurance Company will appoint a firm of Loss Adjusters to act on their behalf. These experienced professionals are employed to investigate your claim and protect the insurance company’s interests. They are not, as often thought, advisers to you the policy holder. To remedy this imbalance you have the opportunity to appoint Insurance Claims Management to act solely on your behalf as claim specialists to protect your interests and to obtain the maximum entitlement under your policy.

We negotiate with the Loss Adjuster and manage your claim from initial discussions through to final settlement and full reinstatement.

Need help with a claim? Call Insurance Claims Management today.

ICM & The Loss Adjuster

Insurance Claims Management has the required resources and experience to negotiate a claim on your behalf. We will ensure the maximum legitimate settlement of your claim.

We are the Loss Adjusters opposite number. We understand how they work and are able to present your claim in a manner to maximise settlement matching all the skills and specialists they have at their disposal.

We will call on our own experts where necessary and use our policy knowledge and negotiation skills to settle any disputes with the Loss Adjuster. With us on your side, you will be free to concentrate on getting your home or business back to normal.

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