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insurance claims


The Insurance Company has appointed a Loss adjuster, why do I need to hire ICM?

Loss Adjusters act on behalf of Insurance Companies and protect their interests. They are not advisers to you, the policy holder, their main aim is to keep the payout as low as possible. You wouldn’t go in to court and rely on the other side's solicitor to represent you. In the same way you should not let the Insurance Companies agent decide the final settlement amount. You should engage ICM to prepare and manage the claim, and obtain the maximum settlement in line with the policy terms and conditions.

When should I engage a Loss Assessor?

At the beginning of the process, particularly as what you do or say at the outset may prejudice your position with regard to policy liability.

Can I prepare my own claim?

Of course you can, but it stands to reason that a Loss Assessor dealing with claims on a daily basis for the last 20 years will know more about the ins and outs of the claims process than the policy holder who may have had only one or two claims in their lifetime.

What do we charge?

We charge a small percentage of the final settlement amount which varies on a reducing scale for larger claims. We work on a no foal no fee basis, so if no payment is made by the Insurance Company for whatever reason, we do not charge a fee. Research in the U.K. suggests policy holders that are represented obtain a 30 to 40% higher payout, so the increased settlement easily offsets our fee.

Will my Insurance Broker help me with my claim?

If you purchased your policy through a broker, they will give you advice on your claim, but very few brokers have full time claims professionals. They do not have the time,resources or expertise to manage claims on behalf of their clients, which is why many brokers recommend ICM.

Is it too late to engage ICM if my claim has already been rejected by my Insurance company?

No, we will give a free assessment of your claim and advise you whether your Insurnace company have legitimatly rejected your claim. In many instances, we have been able to overturn repudiations by using our insurance claims knowledge and expertise.

Why do I need help in submitting my claim?

The typical household or commercial policy has hundreds of clauses and stipulations which if not adhered to may give Insurers an excuse to turn down a claim. Most policyholders will not be familiar with the details of the policy document and it is our job to interpret the policy for the benefit of our client and not the Insurance Company.

Personal service and over two decades in the insurance claims industry. Call us today.

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