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Insurance Claims Management

Personal service and over two decades in the insurance claims industry. Call us today.

Welcome to Insurance Claims Management

Insurance Claims Management provides a Claims Management Consultancy service to the general public. We represent policy holders, both domestic and commercial, who have suffered damage due to an insured event, the most common of which are fire, flood, storm, leaking pipes and subsidence.
We do not work for insurance companies. We understand that there are always different ways to view a loss, calculate the damage and approach a claim. We view the loss entirely from the insured’s perspective ensuring that the insurance policy is used to favour our client.

We are dedicated to the needs of our clients basing our relationships on trust and respect. We deliver an efficient professional service with a unique personal touch which at all times is customer focused.

With a clear focus on our clients’ needs, our claims strategy has proven successful for our many customers. Each step of our strategy focuses on measuring and documenting the property damage and presenting this information effectively to insurers, in order to maximise settlement within the terms of the insurance contract.

claims procedure

Claims Procedure

quality claims services

Quality Claims Service

fire damage

Fire Damage

flood damage

Flood Damage

water damage

Water Damage

subsidence claims

Subsidence Claims

storm damage

Storm Damage



" ICM took the hassle and stress out of submitting a claim which enabled me to concentrate on running my business. "


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